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Plastic & Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery Fort Lauderdale.

Plastic Surgeon Dr Harry Moon MD is committed to Excellence and Safety in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery is an art best practiced by a surgical team that offers a combination of technical mastery, state-of-the-art resources and years of proven experience, along with a commitment to excellence and safety.

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon Dr. Harry Moon MD.

Over the past 25 years, patients, hospitals and medical organizations throughout the country have relied on board certified Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Harry K. Moon for his insight and expertise in plastic surgery. His level of care and artistry is unsurpassed, as evidenced by the accolades he receives from both peers and patients.

As our patient, you can be confident that you will receive only the highest degree of medical attention in the most comfortable of surroundings. We take great pride in establishing long and trusting relationships with our patients, and you can rest assured, your health and safety — and the outcome you desire — are our primary concerns.

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Ask Dr. Moon

  • Obsessed

    Dear Dr. Moon, A friend of mine has been obsessing about having plastic surgery lately, and I'm getting a little worried for her. She's been going through a rough divorce, and I think she believes that a breast enhancement will solve all her problems. What can I do to change her mind? - Miranda M. view answer

  • Inverted

    Dear Dr. Moon, It's a little embarrassing to mention, but I have an inverted nipple. I've heard that this can cause real problems with women who are trying to breast-feed. Can cosmetic surgery help? - Shauna L. view answer

  • Nose Knows

    Dear Dr. Moon, I'm not satisfied with my nose and have been considering surgery for a while now, but I have a special concern: I'm black, and I don't want to lose my ethnicity just to get rid of a bump. Am I out of luck? - April K. view answer


“Dr. Moon was truly interested in achieving the results I was looking for. I couldn't be happier.”-John-

“I was concerned about safety, but Dr. Moon quickly alleviated my fear. I immediately felt comfortable and in good hands.”-Maggie-

“Dr. Moon is an artist. I feel and look years younger! Thank you, Dr. Moon.”-Sandy-