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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Important information you should know about breast cancer

  • Your age and gender are your two biggest factors for breast cancer, but there are strategies you can take to prevent it.
  • The Fat Factor: The biggest issue is adult weight gain rather than being overweight.
  • So a woman who puts on 40 pounds is at greater risk than someone who is slightly heavy.
  • Strenuous exercise also reduces breast cancer risk. Researchers know that about 70 percent of breast tumors are sensitive to signals from estrogen that urge them to grow-and women who exercise vigorously tend to have less estrogen circulating in their bodies than their sedentary peers.
  • Alcohol interferes with your liver's ability to break down estrogen, which leaves more of the hormone in your bloodstream to encourage cancer cells to grow. Women who have more than five drinks per week have a significantly higher risk of breast cancer.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Foundation recommends:


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