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Loss of skin elasticity, gravity, and other factors such as weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding ultimately affect the shape and firmness of your breasts. Patients who are generally satisfied with the size of their breasts can have a breast lift to raise and firm them, resulting in a more youthful breast contour.

Some patients may be unhappy that they have lost a significant amount of breast volume over time. In such cases, implants inserted in conjunction with a breast lift can increase breast size at the same time the shape and position of the breasts are enhanced.

Breast lift surgery

Who is a good candidate for a breast lift?

You may be a good candidate for breast lift surgery if you have one or more of the following conditions:

Sometimes these conditions may be inherited traits. In certain cases, the breasts may have developed differently so that one breast is firm and well positioned while the other is not. There may be differences in the size of your breasts as well as their shape. Breasts that are large and heavy can be lifted, but the results may not be as long lasting as when the procedure is done on smaller breasts.

A breast lift can be performed at any age, but Dr. Moon usually recommends waiting until breast development has stopped. Pregnancy and breastfeeding may have significant and unpredictable effects on the size and shape of your breasts. Nevertheless, many women decide to undergo breast lift surgery before having children and feel that they can address any subsequent changes later. Since the milk ducts and nipples are left intact, breast lift surgery usually will not affect your ability to breastfeed, however Dr. Moon will discuss this with you.

What can I expect?

Dr. Moon will examine your breasts, taking measurements and perhaps photographs for your medical record. The size and shape of your breasts, the quality of your skin, and the placement of the nipples and areolas will be carefully evaluated.

You should tell Dr. Moon if you plan to lose a significant amount of weight, particularly if you have noticed that your breasts sag or become smaller with weight loss. He may recommend that you stabilize your weight before having surgery.

What is the procedure?

Individual factors and personal preferences will determine the specific technique selected to lift your breasts.

A common method of lifting the breasts involves three incisions. One incision is made around the areola. Another runs vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease underneath the breast. The third incision is horizontal beneath the breast and follows the natural curve of the breast crease. If you’re a good candidate for a modified technique, Dr. Moon will discuss this with you.

If you and Dr. Moon have decided that it’s desirable to enlarge your breasts at the same time they’re lifted, this will require insertion of breast implants. Dr. Moon will review the necessary information with you and may provide information on breast augmentation.

After Dr. Moon has removed excess breast skin, the nipple and areola are shifted to a higher position. The areola, which in a sagging breast may have been stretched, can be reduced in size. Skin that was formerly located above the areola is brought down and together beneath it to reshape the breast.

The nipples and areolas remain attached to underlying mounds of tissue, and this usually allows for the preservation of sensation and the ability to breast-feed.

Are there risks?

Every year, many thousands of women undergo successful breast lift surgery, experience no major problems, and are pleased with the results. The subject of risks and potential complications of surgery is best discussed on a personal basis.

Following a breast lift, sometimes the breasts may not be perfectly symmetrical or the nipple height may vary slightly. Minor adjustments often can be made at a later time.

You can help to lessen certain risks by following the advice and instructions given to you by Dr. Moon, both before and after surgery.


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