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Chemical Skin Peel: Deep (Phenol) in Fort Lauderdale.

A deep chemical skin peel, or phenol peel, is the strongest of chemical peels, and is reserved for individuals with deep wrinkles from sun exposure, or in treating skin wrinkling around the lips and chin area. The procedure diminishes imperfections in sun-damaged, unevenly pigmented, or coarsely wrinkled facial areas by peeling away the skin's top layers.

The procedure cannot be used on the neck or other parts of the patient's body, and it is not as effective in treating individuals with dark, oily complexions.

Is there discomfort?

Some patients experience discomfort after a deep chemical peel, but this can be controlled with medication. A few days after the procedure, new skin with a bright pink color akin to sunburn will emerge. The pinkness will fade within a few days. Post-operative puffiness will also subside in a few days, but the skin will remain sensitive. Patients should avoid exposure to sunlight and continue to use sun block.

What results can I expect?

Improvements in your skin can be quite dramatic:

What is the procedure?

A full-face deep chemical peel takes one to two hours to perform. A more limited procedure, such as treatment of wrinkling above the lip, will generally take less than a half-hour.

A solution is applied to the area to be treated (avoiding the eyes, brows and lips). There is a slight burning sensation, but it’s minimal since the solution also acts as an anesthetic. After the peel solution has worked on the skin, it’s neutralized with water. Approximately one hour later, a thick coating of petroleum jelly is layered over the patient's face, covering the protective crust that develops rapidly over the area. This stays in place for one to two days.

Are there risks?

The effectiveness of phenol chemical peeling has been proven in clinical studies over the last 30 years. Because these are serious procedures, they must be performed by a qualified physician.


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