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Eyelid Surgery Fort Lauderdale

Aesthetic eyelid surgery has the effect of making you look more rested, refreshed and alert.

Who is a good candidate for eyelid surgery?

If you have one or a combination of the following conditions, it may indicate that you’re a candidate for eyelid surgery:

What can I expect?

The surgical healing process is gradual. It will take at least several weeks to get an accurate picture of the results of your eyelid surgery.

The results of aesthetic eyelid surgery are usually long lasting, but they may be affected by heredity and lifestyle factors. Even though the aging process continues, patients are usually happy with their appearance for many years following eyelid surgery. Some find that they want to make additional improvements at a later time.

What is the procedure?

Dr. Moon will suggest one of several surgical techniques to improve the appearance of your eyelids. The particular technique that he recommends will depend on many factors such as the amount of excess fat and skin in the eyelid areas, the position of your eyebrows, and the condition of muscles around your eyelids. Because of individual factors, not everyone will achieve the same results from eyelid surgery. Dr. Moon will select the surgical technique that he feels will obtain the best outcome for you.

Upper Eyelids:

  • Generally, an incision is hidden within the natural fold of the upper eyelid and extends slightly beyond the outside corner into the laugh lines or other existing creases.
  • Through this incision, excess skin and fatty tissue are removed. Because the incision follows the natural contour of the upper eyelid, it usually is inconspicuous.

Lower Eyelids:

  • Often an incision is hidden just below the lower lashes.
  • Through this incision, excess skin, muscle and fat are removed, or fat may be redistributed to eliminate puffiness or bulges.
  • Other adjustments to correct special problems such as muscle laxity may be performed.
  • Placement of the incision in natural crease lines allows for the scar to usually heal in an inconspicuous fashion.
  • In some cases, Dr. Moon may decide that the best approach for removing excess fat is through an incision placed inside the lower eyelid. This technique requires no external incision, but it cannot be used to remove excess skin. A chemical peel is at times used in conjunction with this method to tighten the lower eyelid skin.

Are there risks?

Fortunately, significant complications from aesthetic eyelid surgery are infrequent. Every year, many thousands of people undergo eyelid surgery successfully, without experiencing any major problem.

You can help minimize certain risks by following the advice and instructions of Dr. Moon, both before and after your eyelid surgery.


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