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Facial Surgery Fort Lauderdale


Do not use any aspirin, herbal supplements, garlic, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, or ginger 2 weeks prior to surgery as they can increase bleeding and lead to complications. If you smoke, you must stop completely 2 weeks prior to surgery. Nicotine increases your risk of delayed or poor wound healing, and increases the risk of pulmonary complications. Stop any skin care products like Retin A, glycolics, or astringents 1 week prior to surgery. Call the office if you develop a cough, cold, fever, cold sores, or any sign of illness 14 days before surgery.

Facial Surgery Procedure

Typical changes that occur with the aging process. The mid section of the face begins to fall as well as the natural line of the jaw develops a jowl-like appearance. Frown lines appear at the forehead and we notice the skin of the upper and lower lids developing folds and a puffy appearance under the eyes. The neck begins to sag and we may see a band forming under the chin and into the neck referred to as the platysmal band.

face lift
face lift
face lift

To address these changes, the skin is lifted and the fat of the lower eyelids and cheeks is carefully repositioned back to restore the more youthful appearance we desire. When indicated, the frown lines of the forehead are addressed through one incision or in some cases several small incisions in the brow area. To redefine the jaw and neck line, the platysmal band is repositioned and excess fat below the chin is removed. The skin is then carefully re-draped and any excess removed. With this surgical intervention, a more youthful and natural change is achieved, without changing your own individual characteristics.

face lift
face lift
face lift

Post Op

You will be admitted to our in-patient recovery room following surgery and discharged the next morning. We make every effort to have a private room for you. The nursing staff is very familiar with patients' needs: if you desire we will arrange a private duty nurse for you at an hourly rate.

You will have a bulky dressing on and drainage tubes attached on either side of your bandage. The tubes help reduce swelling and bruising, and will be removed the morning after surgery. Ice will be provided by the nurses and you should continue this with frozen peas at home for 36 hours. Take only liquids the evening of surgery. Also take your medications with food once you get home as this will help prevent nausea. You may resume taking your previous medications unless instructed otherwise.

You may shower the day following surgery. Use baby shampoo to wash your hair. You may drive 4 days after surgery if you are no longer taking pain medications. When in doubt, rely on your common sense. If you have to think about it, don’t do it. Call and ask us. We will call you the day after your surgery.

Important Points

  • Do not eat or drink 8 hours before surgery.
  • Stop aspirin and any herbals 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Keep your head elevated.
  • Take your medications with food.


“Thank you for all your beautiful work, you always go above and beyond for me.”-Heather A.-

“Thanks for a great experience and for helping me feel that I have turned back the clock.”-Lucy V.-

“I'd like to truly thank you for your patience and excellent care post op. I am extremely happy with the results of my surgery.”-Eileen S.-