Cosmetic Surgery


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Doctor Board Certified?

Dr Harry K. Moon, MD, FACS is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Where is the surgery performed?

Should I stop my medications?

You may continue with the routine medications you are now taking. We encourage you to stop aspirin products and certain herbs and anti-inflammatory drugs. We have a list which we will provide for you prior to surgery.

View our list of recommended vitamins and minerals.

Can I continue smoking?

Smokers are at a greater risk of complications including delayed wound healing, scarring, and poor surgical outcome. We recommend and strongly encourage the cessation of smoking at least one month prior to surgery.

What are the risks involved in Plastic Surgery?

Reaction to anesthesia, analgesics or pain medications, and antibiotics may occur during or after surgery. In rare cases, bleeding or a risk of blood clots can occur. You can decrease your risks by choosing a qualified plastic surgeon and by following the advice and instructions given to you by your surgeon.

When may I resume my activities?

We will assist you in getting back to normal as soon as possible. Post operative bruising and swelling may prohibit you from public appearances for two weeks depending on your healing process. Generally, exercise and sports activities may resume in two to three weeks.

Frequently Asked Anesthesia Questions


“Dr. Moon was truly interested in achieving the results I was looking for. I couldn't be happier.”-John-

“I was concerned about safety, but Dr. Moon quickly alleviated my fear. I immediately felt comfortable and in good hands.”-Maggie-

“Dr. Moon is an artist. I feel and look years younger! Thank you, Dr. Moon.”-Sandy-