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Liposuction Fort Lauderdale

Liposuction surgery may be considered to treat areas of excess fat in the stomach, buttocks, hips, love handles, saddlebags, thighs, calves, ankles, breasts (including male breast enlargement), back, arms and neck. Liposuction is equally effective in both men and women.

Who is a good candidate for Liposuction?

Any one or combination of the following conditions may indicate that you’re a good candidate for liposuction surgery:

What can I expect?

During the initial consultation, you may be asked to look in a mirror and point out exactly what you would like to see improved. Pictures may be taken of you, especially if the areas that will be treated are on your posterior aspect (back, buttock, etc.). This will help Dr. Moon understand your expectations and determine whether they can realistically be achieved. A determination of the elasticity of the skin will also occur.

A discussion concerning your ideal weight and realistic weight will most likely occur. Plans such as future pregnancies, etc. may be discussed.

Liposuction surgery usually improves contours. In some instances, it may be used to thin an area. Since the healing process is gradual, you should expect to wait at least several months to get an accurate picture of the results of your surgery. The small incisions used for access of the instrument known as a cannula, will fade over a number of months usually becoming barely visible.

The results of liposuction surgery are usually long lasting, but they may be affected by weight gain, aging, pregnancy and lifestyle factors.

What is the procedure?

The basic technique of liposuction involves the removal of fat via a hollow metal tube (cannula) that is passed through the fatty tissue. One of the most common types of liposuction involves the aspiration of fat by attaching a pump that generates a vacuum. This is known as suction assisted liposuction (SAL).

Are there risks?

Liposuction surgery is one of the two most common procedures performed by plastic surgeons. Most often this surgery is performed without experiencing any major problem.

The subject of risks and potential complications of surgery is best discussed on a personal basis between you and Dr. Moon, or with a staff member in our office. The risks in most surgeries are similar. Some of the potential complications that may be discussed with you include:

You can help minimize certain risks by following the advice and instructions of Dr. Moon and his staff, both before and after your liposuction surgery.


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